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Afgano – Black Afgano

Inspired by Nasomatto Black Afgano, Exuding a captivating allure, the fragrance skillfully intertwines a tapestry of intricate and opulent notes. The journey begins with a potent fusion of earthy and smoky elements, evoking memories of aromatic Afghan hashish. As the scent develops, subtle traces of resinous woods and inviting spices surface, contributing to the composition's multi-layered richness and sensuous charm.

Alexander The Great

Inspired by Alexandria ii Xerjoff, Drawing inspiration from the age-old Arabian tradition of perfumery, Alexandria the Great carries a fragrance deeply rooted in history and abundant culture. The scent commences with fruity notes of apple entwined with the grace of lavender and rosewood, guiding you towards a heart that embodies the timeless Oriental essence, featuring cedarwood, lily of the valley, and Bulgarian rose.


Inspired by Althair PDM, A scent of elegant hedonism that can seduce both men and women. Elegance starts from the top with an aromatic combination of citruses and spices: orange flower, sparkling bergamot, warm cardamom, and evocative cinnamon. The overdose of vanilla beans brings a very refined, warm, and textured addiction to the heart.

Amber Unheard – Myrrh & Tonka JM

Inspired by Myrrh & Tonka Jo Malone, The fragrance is infused with an alluring warmth from Namibian myrrh, a resinous balm with hints of amber. Tonka bean, a key component in many sensual perfumes, contributes a comforting warmth with delicate notes of almond and vanilla, creating a rich and captivating fragrance experience.

Angel Femme

Inspired By Angel Women Mugler, A provocative hellion. Iconic bliss dwells in this rank mixture of patchouli-cocoa. Truly, Angel was a heaven-scent 90s paradigm shift, proof that a perfumer can create something no one asked for and see that visionary risk pay off with blockbuster sales success. Angel provokes desire and then puts it to bed, a sensory merry-go-round.

Angels Cut

Inspired by Angels Share Kilian, rich, fruity cognac tempered by oak woodiness drenched in buttery sweetness and a hint of cinnamon spice.

Bleu EDP

Inspired By Bleu De Chanel EDP

Bleu Parfum

Inspired by Bleu De Chanel Parfum, Lemon Zest, Bergamot, Mint and Artemisia; middle notes are Lavender, Pineapple, Geranium and Green Notes; base notes are Sandalwood, Cedar, Amberwood, Iso E Super and Tonka Bean. BLEU DE CHANEL represents the colour of freedom.

Burnt Leather

Inspired by Ombre Leather TF, The luxurious sensation of supple ebony leather, adorned with captivating patchouli and vetiver, embraces you like a second nature. The fragrance's floral hints of jasmine sambac evoke the untamed allure of the desert, while intricate layers of amber and moss emulate the warmth of sun-baked rocks and sand.

By Night

Inspired by Wanted by Night Azzaro, Do you want to be the Modern-day Gatsby? this scent is for you. This spicy woody fragrance blends cinnamon, mandarin orange, lemon, red cedar, incense, cedar, leather, patchouli, and vanilla.


Inspired by Ganymede MAB, This fragrance presents a unique combination of citrusy, sandy, woody, and powdery suede notes. There's an intriguing touch added by the mineral and ozonic elements that are challenging to put into words. Amidst the aroma, a subtle and skillfully blended salty, almost animalic scent emerges, creating an alluring and captivating experience. It's uncertain whether this effect comes from the mineral note or if there's a presence of ambergris, but it undoubtedly adds an extraordinary dimension to the fragrance.

Cyprus Plato

Inspired by MDCI Chypre Palatin, The opening is green, a warm, woody and strong green, peppered with a few hyacinths, garnished with the fragrant ripe flesh of clementines, spiced with a sprig of lavender and a hint of thyme. All this creates cozy, warm frissons, intrigues and generates a great appetite for more.