Must have fragrances for men

Avent De Terre

Hybrid Of Aventus & Terre D' Hermes, a complex and interesting blend. The fruity and woody notes of Aventus complement the earthy and woody elements of Terre d'Hermès, creating a more robust and well-rounded fragrance. The citrusy undertones in Terre d'Hermes add a fresh and uplifting touch to the blend. A hit if you're a fan of both of them! A must have in your collection!

By Night

Inspired by Wanted by Night Azzaro, Do you want to be the Modern-day Gatsby? this scent is for you. This spicy woody fragrance blends cinnamon, mandarin orange, lemon, red cedar, incense, cedar, leather, patchouli, and vanilla.

Holo Moana

The green + apple top is fresh and delightful, joining the aquatic notes as a warm weather freshie that is office safe and ageless. You could wear it as a great casual scent for a man of any age.

Parisian Extrait (Gris Charnel Extrait)

Inspired by Gris Charnel Extrait Bdk Perfumes, The enhanced Extrait version of this fragrance boasts a richer blend of vanilla and Indonesian patchouli, resulting in a luxurious woody vanilla experience. The opening notes feature a smokier tea, creamier fig, potent cardamom, and a familiar iris touch. As it develops, Sandalwood, Bourbon Vetiver, and Cedar add depth and complexity. The dry-down is highlighted by Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka bean, and Patchouli, elevating the scent to a new level of allure. Overall, this Extrait version strengthens the harmonious relationship between notes, particularly enhancing the warmth and appeal of vanilla.


Inspired by Hacivat Nishane, Reinhardt has such beautiful vibrant, crisp pineapple and citrusy notes in the opening, which are welded together using woody accords that smoothly arise through the dry down. The pineapple note is indeed prominent and feels very natural to my nose. Hacivat is fruity, but it never steps into sweetness territory, thanks to those woody accords and oakmoss note that eventually give it an earthy twist.

Unknown Valley

Inspired by Imperial Valley Gissah, This luxurious fragrance features an exquisite blend of top notes including Davana, Italian Bergamot, and Pink Pepper. Its heart notes encompass White Amber, African Rosemary, and Oud, while the base notes gracefully intertwine Musk, Leather, and Vetiver Haiti. A mass pleaser that will get you noticed!


Impression of Lafayette Street Bond no.9, top notes of earthy flowers, tropical bergamot and aromatic coriander shine through. Ingredients at the perfume's heart include fresh apple, sweet vanilla, and gentle ambroxide. Lasts amazingly and works for all weather. DELIVERY FREE!

Venustas – Top Seller 🔥

Inspired By Office A mixture of pleasant and mild sweetness with spicy notes makes one interesting combination. When you smell it, you have the impression that you have already smelled it before. The opening will give you heavy ambroxan with a feeling of being fresh out of the shower. This scent will get you noticed everywhere and make people compliment you. The bergamot hits differently in this one, it's our top seller and a fragrance we recommend blind buying from our collection.

Venustas Overdose (Limited Edition)

This version is a flanker to our Top seller Venustas (Office for men) this one is more intense with beautiful bergamot in the opening and a woody base that goes along. This is a tribute to Venustas and a limited-edition flanker!