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A Million

Inspired By One Million PR. Fresh and spicy fragrance for men with notes of amber, leather, and tangerine. It defies all the rules and upsets the codes while adding a touch of irresistible seduction—disquieting aromas to suit a man with insolent charm.

ALTHAiR (Ramadan Exclusive)

Inspired by Althair Parfums De Marly, A luxurious fragrance that exudes sophisticated indulgence, appealing to both men and women. It begins with a blend of citrus and spices like orange flower, lively bergamot, spicy cardamom, and evocative cinnamon, creating an elegant aura. The rich presence of vanilla beans in the heart adds a refined, warm, and captivating allure. Only available this Ramadan on this discounted price. (55ml)

Amyris Homme

Inspired By Amyris Homme MFK, an exhilarating blend of freshness and woody warmth, transporting you to a sun-drenched Mediterranean landscape. The invigorating notes of Sicilian mandarin and Moroccan rosemary mingle seamlessly with the rich, enveloping aroma of Brazilian tonka bean absolute, creating a captivating olfactory experience. Our 2021 Top seller for MEN!

Angels Cut

Inspired by Angels Share Kilian, rich, fruity cognac tempered by oak woodiness drenched in buttery sweetness and a hint of cinnamon spice.


What an easy to like, easy to wear scent. Clean, fresh, and light. Like a sea breeze on open water. The way the fruit and marine notes blend together is masterful. Great for summer or the office.

Aquatic Rocks – Pacific Rock Moss G&B

Inspired by pacific rock moss Goldfield & Banks, Between the lemon and the sea breeze, a herbal green sits. This combination of moss, sage, and geranium is savory and refreshing – very much like the sea breeze is traveling across a patch of scrubby, thorny vegetation before it reaches you and brings those scents with it.


Inspired by the great Invictus, fresh, heroic woody fragrance has notes of sea grapefruit and guaiac wood that combine biting freshness and animal sensuality.

Avent De Terre

Hybrid Of Aventus & Terre D' Hermes, a complex and interesting blend. The fruity and woody notes of Aventus complement the earthy and woody elements of Terre d'Hermès, creating a more robust and well-rounded fragrance. The citrusy undertones in Terre d'Hermes add a fresh and uplifting touch to the blend. A hit if you're a fan of both of them! A must have in your collection!

Bleu EDP

Inspired By Bleu De Chanel EDP

Bleu Parfum

Inspired by Bleu De Chanel Parfum, Lemon Zest, Bergamot, Mint and Artemisia; middle notes are Lavender, Pineapple, Geranium and Green Notes; base notes are Sandalwood, Cedar, Amberwood, Iso E Super and Tonka Bean. BLEU DE CHANEL represents the colour of freedom.


Inspired by Polo Blue, The fragrance begins with an exhilarating burst of citrus notes like melon and cucumber, creating a fresh and sharp sensation. As time passes, it evolves into a subtly floral and woody essence, accented by touches of basil and sage. An amazing long-lasting solution for summers!

By Night

Inspired by Wanted by Night Azzaro, Do you want to be the Modern-day Gatsby? this scent is for you. This spicy woody fragrance blends cinnamon, mandarin orange, lemon, red cedar, incense, cedar, leather, patchouli, and vanilla.