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Inspired by Interlude Amouage, strong incense and deep, resinous notes. Hiatus contains incense, pepper, oregano, opoponax, amber, oud, and leather. Hiatus opens with an explosion of incense. It smells potent and smoky, providing an immediate ashen-like texture.

iIRTH- Turath TSOD

Inpired By Turath TSOD, This fragrance is an exquisite elixir, capturing the essence of bergamot, rose damascene, jasmine, and vanilla, gracefully intertwined with the earthy depths of patchouli and leather. The allure of ambergris and smoky notes adds an enchanting touch, creating a captivating olfactory journey.

Oman 👑 (Sultanate Of Oman)

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This is what Royalty smells like, the epitome of luxury and allure. Opens with gorgeous Oudy raspberry. Punchy oud stays quite a while before the ultimate quality frankincense overpowers oud. Development from Oudy raspberry to incense raspberry is an extra-terrestrial experience. Oman has the smoothest and silkiest scent profile. Notes:
  • Head
    • grapefruit, orange
  • Heart
    • rose de mai, grasse jasmine, violet, raspberry
  • Base
    • cardamom, elemi, saffron, gurjum, papyrus, oakmoss, cedarwood, guaiacwood, amyris, sandalwood, oud, carrot seed, orris, frankincense, birch, musk

Violet Oud

Inspired by Purple Oud Dior, an Oriental dream as depicted in a vivid, warm painting. It's a sparkling oud that sees powerful wood combine with lively notes. Orange blends with fresh spices such as Pink Peppercorn and Saffron. This shimmering oud will seduce those who like the animal strength of this heady wood, albeit a polished, brightened version that plays out in the background.

Woud Intense

Inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense. Oud Wood Intense is a monster from the start. Is spicy, with less of the oud in the beginning. What you get is a spiciness from the ginger, with an animalistic spice, and the smell of rich leather. Quite a different experience. Woud Intense has a bomb-like sillage. It is loud and can project itself like crazy, off of a few sprays.