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Inspired by Issey Miyake Women, a floral aquatic scent designed for women. Its initial notes feature a floral blend of lotus accord and rose, reminiscent of a blooming garden. The middle notes exude a delicate sensuality with a combination of lily accord and a refreshing floral medley.


Inspired by j'adore. This fragrance is an alluring and captivating floral blend. The enticing ylang-ylang essence intertwines with the velvety embrace of Damascus rose essence and jasmine, resulting in a profoundly feminine and enigmatic scent.

Noble Rouge (Top Seller Unisex 🔥)

Inspired by Baccarat Rouge MFK edp, A beast when it comes to projection and lasting 8-10 hours. Is an amber floral fragrance. And our top seller Unisex Fragrance since 2020, Saffron, jasmine, amberwood, ambergris, and cedarwood are some of the key notes, it's warm and multi-dimensional, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and slightly woody.

Pacifist (Pacific Chill)

Inspired By Pacific Chill LV, Pacific Chill is a crisp, citrusy scent imbued with notes of carrot seed essence, blackcurrant, orange, mint, and basil — all of which are balanced by the sweetness of apricot.


Inspired by Victoria Secrets Bombshell, This fragrance is a delightful combination of floral, fruity, and fresh notes, making it suitable for all ages. Its subtly sweet and alluring character gives it a touch of sensuality. With a long-lasting freshness, it's a perfect choice for spring and summer. Picture yourself strolling in a beautiful flowery dress, embraced by the refreshing breeze of the deep blue surroundings, and emanating this captivating scent.


Inspired by Tease VS Playful and feminine, Tease is a delicious floral fruity & sweet fragrance for those who embrace life and crave every experience it has to offer. Petally gardenias are wrapped in the sweet warmth of black vanilla. A bite of juicy Anjou pear adds brightness and sparkle. It's a refined take on Gourmand, or edible feeling, scent.

Unknown Valley

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Inspired by Imperial Valley Gissah, This luxurious fragrance features an exquisite blend of top notes including Davana, Italian Bergamot, and Pink Pepper. Its heart notes encompass White Amber, African Rosemary, and Oud, while the base notes gracefully intertwine Musk, Leather, and Vetiver Haiti. A mass pleaser that will get you noticed!


Impression of Lafayette Street Bond no.9, top notes of earthy flowers, tropical bergamot and aromatic coriander shine through. Ingredients at the perfume's heart include fresh apple, sweet vanilla, and gentle ambroxide. Lasts amazingly and works for all weather. DELIVERY FREE!

Venustas – Top Seller 🔥

Inspired By Office A mixture of pleasant and mild sweetness with spicy notes makes one interesting combination. When you smell it, you have the impression that you have already smelled it before. The opening will give you heavy ambroxan with a feeling of being fresh out of the shower. This scent will get you noticed everywhere and make people compliment you. The bergamot hits differently in this one, it's our top seller and a fragrance we recommend blind buying from our collection.

Venustas Overdose (Limited Edition)

This version is a flanker to our Top seller Venustas (Office for men) this one is more intense with beautiful bergamot in the opening and a woody base that goes along. This is a tribute to Venustas and a limited-edition flanker!

Zenyatta – Scent of Peace

Zenyatta is inspired by Scent Of Peace for men, Complex, Fresh, Citrus, and Green. The Cedar note creates a soft woody creaminess that works to keep the Green & Citrus notes from being too overwhelming.